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DRIVING FORCES are macrocosms which inevitably shape and impact: Markets, Communities and Organizations. In our case, Northwest Louisiana. Think of Driving Forces as the impetus, power, and energy that either propels or hinders a region.

SIX DRIVING FORCES (relevant to Northwest Louisiana):

  1. Education – A society’s pathway out of poverty. human potential, knowledge, productivity, capability and innovation
  2. Technology – Personal and professional productivity, communication, work force innovation, labor demands
  3. Natural Resources – Water supply, sustainable population growth & natural gas revenues
  4. Global Economy – Economic growth, employment, trade, integration
  5. Politics – Governance, security, regulation, taxation
  6. Society & Sociocultural – Population growth, aging, urbanization, change in work patterns

The Three Scenarios


Paradise Lost in 2050

  • Dysfunctional divisive leadership
  • Citizen apathy, dependency, complacency
  • Decreasing quality of education
  • Decreasing population
  • Scarcity of natural resources (land, water, oil & gas, habitats)
  • Nonexistent social, financial, or political capital

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The Sky is Not the Limit
in 2050

  • Regional cohesive leadership
  • Empowered citizenry
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and innovation
  • Focus on education
  • Prudent management of natural resources
  • High urban quality of life
  • Abundance of social and financial capital

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Crossroads in 2050

  • Continued “boom and bust cycle” with no growth
  • Fragmented leadership at local, regional, state level
  • Gridlock among citizenry with no consensus
  • Laissez fare/ status quo attitude of population
  • Widening gap between rich and poor
  • Continued escalation of education and health care costs

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